Bathroom renovations killing my vibe

This week our annoying flatmate’s boyfriend is coming to stay. He normally spend a couple of nights a week at ours but he is going to be moving in for the week now. He lives with his mum in Brighton and they are having bathroom renovations done so they have both have to move out for the week. It is not so much him that is the problem but her, and she is worse around him. They are an extremely smug couple and act as if no-one else has ever been in a relationship before. He also thinks he is extremely cool, but hello, you live with your mum. They have a very irritating habit of leaving things in the fridge uncovered. She once left a peeled potato in there unwrapped for about a week. I mean, what is she planning to do with it! Anyway she keeps going on about how excited he is about the bathroom renovation, apparently they have been planning it for ages and they are getting a spa bath installed. A little weird for mum and son if you ask me. She did that thing where she asks us if it’s ok if he stays but actually doesn’t really ask us at all. Along the lines of, him and his mum are having bathroom renovations in Brighton so he’s going to crash here for a week, is that ok?. I mean we can’t exactly say no. They also spend approximately an hour each in the bathroom every night. Who knows what they are doing and no wonder he needs the bathroom renovated! It also means they’re going to be in every night of the week, giggling at each other and ordering food. They are just a bit stupid. Once they’re ordered tacos from a vegetarian restaurant, he got halfway through his taco before he said ‘this meat tastes like beans’.